About Me

I am a New England Artist & Writer
enjoying every moment of pouring my
heart out through paint and words
onto canvas and pages.

Three things have been at the soul of me
since I was just a tiny girl...
My faith, Writing, and Art.
I am blessed to have a husband
who reminds me how thrilled
that little girl would be if I
took her dreams and made them a reality.
I am currently writing a fiction series
which combines history, fantasy, and romance.
 I am also dabbling with projects
including my lifelong love of poetry
and childrens' stories.
When I'm not busy creating art and stories,
I am happily involved in the daily goings on
of family life with the most wonderful people on earth.
Who am I kidding?
I paint and write in the middle of the night,
or when the rest of the gang is at martial arts.
My life isn't a fairy tale. It's very real.
But, it's everything I've ever wanted and more.

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