Friday, December 26, 2014

Big News!!!

Our family grew by one super cute and fuzzy member this Christmas season! Elsa is a precious little Sheba Inu. We are all in love with her.

Oh!!! And our beautiful daughter, Sarah, became engaged on Christmas day! We are so happy for her, Steve, and Adleigh. And Elsa too!

Along with Steve, comes his wonderful family. We are doubly blessed to have not only him, but all of them, along with their spirit of love, laughter, and loyalty. Family means everything to the Moores, and they have embraced our Sarah and Adleigh completely. We all love Steve's mom, "Happy", but our little Jacob has adopted her. What a great new chapter for all of us to share. <3

Congratulations to our little "Princess, Angel, Baby-Face-Cakes"!!! We love you with all of our heart.

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