Thursday, January 1, 2015


My word for 2015 is "Believe."

There are so many good words. There are so many virtues and wisdom inspirations that I need to remind myself of. But, "believe" encompassed what I need most for this year. With all of our stresses regarding house and home in 2014, and all of the hustles and bustles of life, I lost focus on my art and my business. I love the word "action", which was a very useful and successful recollective word for me in the past, but I needed something even deeper.

I am adopting it in it's totality, but also in it's parts.

First, "Be". I need to truly "be" who I am, who I was created to "be." I need to be true to myself, and trust that I was created with the gifts, talents, and ability to do what only I can do.

Second, "lieve". Okay, this is a stretch. I'm going with the sound, rather than the spelling. I need to "leave" behind everything and anything that weighs me down from moving forward, most especially my fears.

Lastly, in it's totality, "Believe." I need to not only say I believe, but place 100% trust in the God who made me that he not only created me with these gifts, but also created the heart within me which longs to express them. There is a purpose in that. I also need to KNOW and remember that God has endless, boundless power, and if something is meant to be, nothing and no one will get in the way of that.

I have been my own worst enemy. I need to get out of my way and let God's providence flow. I need to be fearless. I need to trust Him. And I need to trust me. I need to stop walking on water, and start spreading my wings.

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