Sunday, January 18, 2015

Ever Changing...

I'm at it again...

I'm not leaving my Glitter & Grunge Studio business behind, but I am making some changes. Glitter & Grunge Studio will continue to be the name of my actual studio. I will also most likely use that name for my online art shops and any workshops that I teach. But as I am always going back and forth between writing and art, it seemed wiser to stick with one site for both, where I can share all the goings on inside and around me.

So, as I oft do, I was contemplating the many names I could use for this endeavor. Sooo many, pretty and intriguing names rolled out of my imagination and off my tongue. Golly, some days I wish I could just legally change my name!!! But, alas... In the midst of praying and wondering which direction to take, I kept reading one common theme over and over again.... "Be yourself." So, here I am... me, myself, and I, Linda Tellier. Not the most exciting name on the planet. But it's the one I've got.

I will be sharing my heart here and connecting with my various art and reading groups/companions.
I hope you will all follow along on this ever winding and wondrous journey.


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