Sunday, January 18, 2015

Go Pats!

It's a funny thing. We are not a big sports family. Mike, the kids, and I have watched a handful of sports events on TV, and the majority of those were the Olympics. We root for the home teams none the less, and when our home teams make the playoffs, we do tend to pay more attention. When the home teams are not involved, it's a good time for a Doctor Who marathon.

But, suddenly, we find ourselves living with two football fans. Every Sunday, I make dinner, while the guys watch football, and the kids take turns between playing and watching the game as well. The closer the Patriots got to the playoffs, the more they spent time on the sofa alongside Uncle Steve and Andrew. Hannah has become a bit of a football enthusiast even!

This weekend was the big playoff game weekend. Green Bay Packers (our future son-in-law's favorite team) vs. the Seattle Seahawks and The New England Patriots (our home team) vs. the Indianapolis Colts. Needless to say the testosterone was palpable in the air, and the kids were getting as excited as the regular fans. Even I was mildly interested. ;)

Our dad had gifted us all certificates to a favorite local restaurant, so we decided to order take out with lots of extras to enjoy between the two games. Boy, was it good! The kids had a blast watching the games and getting pulled in to all of the excitement and anxiety that accompanies these big "all or nothing" moments in sports. We laughed, we yelled, we had an all around great family Sunday together. Mike even surprised us by coming home from work early. His boss rocks!

And... the Patriots won!!! On to the Super Bowl!!!

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