And..... The Snow Continues!!!

In an effort to stretch the wings of my belief in choosing happiness, I made a personal commitment to not hate winter this year. I decided to embrace it all. WOW! Apparently, the good Lord decided to have some fun with me. This has been our snowiest winter in recorded history. Lovely. Really. Lovely.

You can see that our neighbor's fence is barely peeking through the top layer, and it's still falling. We are in the midst of a "72 Hour Event" as the weather reports have dubbed it.

I will confess that my ability to not hate this winter is directly connected to my ability to mostly live like a hermit. The kids enjoy the shoveling and playing in the snow with dad. I make the hot cocoa. It works for us. I do find many flowers popping up in my artwork though. I can't help it. I love warm air, sunshine, pretty flowers, cooking out, backyard fires, birds singing, windows open...... sigh. But this winter has been one the kids won't forget. And I do love watching them enjoy it. I also love curling up together at night to read a good book, or watch a show together. All in all, it's been pretty nifty. And there are only 39 more days until spring. But who's counting? ;)