Sunday, May 10, 2015

Mother's Day...

I am not a fan of "Hallmark Holidays." That doesn't mean I don't like to celebrate. We just like to celebrate the every day. We like to find and/or make extraordinary moments to treasure on those ordinary days. When you really think about it... What's ordinary? We are traveling through space on the only known planet capable of sustaining human life. We are an eternal spirit enveloped within a mortal shell so complicated, it makes computer code look like Sesame Street. We only get an average of 70 something years here. And... if we are lucky.... we get to spend it with people we truly enjoy. Multiple other factors add to what seems unfathomable to be described as "ordinary".

But holidays seem to dictate we create extra special events and extra special memories. I don't know about you, but what they really bring about in my life is a lot more work, a lot more pressure, and a lot more "posing" instead of living. I have to be available on Mother's Day for all of my children to pay obligatory visits and bring obligatory offerings. blech.

This year, I was saved by the fact that it was also my 27 year old twins' birthday! Yay! Basically, we made way too much food, and laughed 'til our sides split. It was a good Mother's Day. And I think they enjoyed their birthday too. Of course, when my daughter called to ask what she could bring, I had to reply that a birthday cake for her and her brother would be nice, since I forgot to add that to dad's list. She did. It was yummy.

My favorite moments of the day were what are typically my favorite moments of every day... These four kiddos being kiddos, sharing fun moments, enjoying the weather, the fire, and the s'mores. This is what motherhood is about for me... giving them the environment to grow and to enjoy the simple joys of life.

It also overflows my heart that the most amazing husband on earth kept finding little ways to let me know that it was important to him that he spoiled me a little. I love that guy.

I hope that all of the incredible moms I know online and off enjoyed the beautiful weather, and at least a few moments of doing what you like to do today. Motherhood is not for sissies, and I am inspired by all the mama heroes I have been blessed to meet and know along the way.

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