Sunday, September 25, 2016

Good Friends Making Home Sweet Home Even Sweeter

One of the very best parts of this new apartment are the people in our neighborhood! We are so blessed to live just a few doors down from my husband's awesome job, and just a stone's throw from two of the best friends I've had in my entire life. And just over the back fence, live some dear friends who just happen to have four of the nicest kids, who are friends with our kids through martial arts.  My dear friend Denise stopped by with a huge tray of homemade cookies today. I kid you not when I tell you that Denise is known far and wide for his expertise in the kitchen, especially with baked goods. It was so very hard to keep a couple of these set aside for when Mike came home from work. Sooooooo good. And her visit was even sweeter.  I am feeling really blessed to have such thoughtful people in my life.

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