Monday, June 5, 2017

Sold My Sweet Mermaid... And a New Chapter Begins...

I shall miss this darling face gazing at me from across the room as I paint. She was a good companion.  She is part of a larger story, which will be etched upon my memories forever. I was " this close to sanding down her face and reworking her. I've been away from the artwork for over a year. So much has happened. Our family has moved into an AMAZING apartment, my husband has an incredible new profession, and sadly... my youngest brother died.  There has been a lot to let go of, a lot to hold on to, and a whole bunch to just grow through... like manure. It sure did stink. But I'm stronger, and more beautiful because of it. I think my art is too. I have found myself and my path is clear. I am working hard, setting goals, uniting with the universe, and watching as things unfold. It's been awesome.

Days before this painting sold, I resolved to begin again. I began with the positive affirmations and business goals. I decided action would take place even if I wasn't sure which direction I wanted my work to go in. I closed myself in my little studio, and began to paint... and paint... and paint.  My daughters came in to visit, and we talked about this mermaid painting. She was surrounded by other "friends" on the wall who had not sold. Some, I never even posted for sale. Why? One I was sure I wanted to rework. The look was never right... never what was in my heart. I sanded down her face, and began to experiment. I liked the "ancient relic" feel she finally discovered under all of the "tried to hard" layers. The mermaid was next. I had the sandpaper in my hand. But my back was aching. I decided to sit down for a minute. Heck..... I decided to list the sanded painting right then and there. Why wait? Well, I logged in and saw "SOLD". What? My "Mermaid II" painting was SOLD!!! The lady had messaged me the night before. The very hour I locked myself in the studio to paint. The very moments I was discussing the mermaid with my daughters. She sold. Action.  Action. Action.

I'm not sure what stopped me from sanding her at that precise moment. What prompted me to log into my shop. But I'm glad I listened. I'm glad the universe and I are working together. I am thankful. I am inspired to keep moving forward, keep working, keep seeing where this journey leads.

I will so miss this sweet face. And I will never forget her part in this new chapter. I am planning on incorporating her into some inspirational pieces.

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