Monday, August 7, 2017

On a Roll...

I am so happy to be working again. I get lost in drawing and painting. I have missed it terribly.  Too many excuses, too many obstacles, too many demands in too many directions. But I am officially putting out the notice that as of late, I have felt life running out. Now, now... that's not as morbid as it sounds. I hope and pray I am still painting when I'm 100, which would place me at about middle age ;)  However, I am not getting any younger. My arthritis is not getting any easier. I don't think it's wise to put any more of life and my work on hold... for anyone... or anything.  I AM NOT A STAY AT HOME MOM!!! There. I said it. I am a WORK from home mom! My time is not my own. And I don't have enough of it to give away to anything that is not precious to me, my family, or my work.  I love my work. I have not respected it enough to prioritize it. Lord, keep sending the angels and inspirations to keep me focused!!! and... "Thank You."

This signature Glitter & Grunge Abstract Angel was calling from the canvas. I had to answer. <3

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