Monday, October 2, 2017

Paint Night with Claire Achilles.... Autumn Path!

My dear friend, Claire Achilles, is an accomplished artist, and very talented art teacher as well. She also hosts these amazing Paint Nights, where a small group of us gather to have a blast, and also create a "little something" while we chat and laugh. It's an awesome evening of fellowship and exploring our artsy sides. The group consists of everyone from working artists, to hobbyists, to those who have never painted! And honestly, the novice's paintings are often the most awesome! Each painting is different, and each Paint Night holds its own special memories.

Claire's Paint Nights are nowhere near as involved as her classes. Yet, they are a little more in-depth than most social event/paint events. Rather than an exact, follow each step, and fill in the blanks like a coloring book method, she delves into depth, horizon lines, shading, highlighting, color blending, etc. It's a great starting point for anyone who has a little spark and wants to dig deeper. On the other hand, it's just a fabulously fun night for those who want to sip a bit of wine or coffee while having a blast making something pretty.

If any local friends would be interested in booking a party, contact me! I'll hook you up with Claire and you can pick a date and a project. Anyone who can bring 9 friends, gets their 19th spot, free!!!

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