Sunday, October 8, 2017

"Sisters Forever"

My daughter, Hannah is one of those people.  You know. While I'm working diligently on a drawing, fighting so hard to get something right, she decides to pick up a pencil and dabble.  Five minutes later, she has a study in values and shading that looks like it was made for a textbook.  She also just happens to have a voice that drops jaws. And she can do a 360 round kick, and break a board like a walk in the park. Basically, if she puts her mind to something, she masters it.

What is fun about Hannah is that she is always challenging herself to learn new skills. One of her favorite pastimes, when she has downtime, is to experiment with various makeup techniques. She has done comic fx, animal themes, lots of zombie looks, mermaids, vampires, werewolves, and skeletons.  It's always fun to see who will come walking out of the bathroom! Hannah's younger sister, Rebekah, is her usual model. It is a gift to my heart to hear them together as they work the makeup magic.  They grow closer with each passing year, and are a team at home as well as at work.

Hannah's latest project was a practice run for her Halloween costume this year. She is going to be a werewolf, skeleton, zombie, and vampire compilation. So awesome.  She did a skeleton sugar skull on Bekah just for fun. I love the way they both came out!

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