Saturday, November 11, 2017

3 Silver Medals!!!

Wow... today was a day to remember. First, my two girls competed at the same exact moment, doing the same exact form, in different rings by age group. They were both judged at the same time, and both awarded Silver Medals at the same time!!!  I was running back and forth like a crazy woman trying to catch glimpses and photos of each of them. Such a proud mama...

Then... later in the competition, Caleb competed in stick sparring. Now... those who know Caleb, know he is a reluctant black belt. Athleticism and competition are not high on his list of passions. But, he does enjoy stick sparring. He competed against some pretty serious contenders, and he more than held his own. When the moment came for the judge to announce the medalists, and he called out Caleb's name, I burst into tears. It's been a hard journey for him. But he has persevered and endured. He has grown, physically, mentally, emotionally. And this tournament showed him that he has the skill and strength so worthy of that belt he wears.

I am so proud of these three for so many different reasons. Today was a good day to celebrate their strengths and for mama to beam as they shined. 

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