Friday, May 11, 2018

Cooper Is Here!

On May 11th, little Cooper joined our crazy clan!
We are all over the moon in love with this sweet boy.

 Mama and Papa have their boy, and are so overflowing with pride and joy.

Big sister #1 is in love.

She is so happy to have a little sister AND brother. 

Big sister #2 is also in love though a bit lost in her new position and very much wanting to still be "mommy's baby". Mommy is doing a great job of accomodating her. LOL

Pepere loves his #1 grandson to bits.

Mumzie is pretty smitten with him too. 

Uncle Josh and Auntie Kristy 

Auntie Hannah, all smiles for her new nephew.

Auntie Bekah melting at his cuteness.

Uncle Jake and Mon Oncle Caleb 

Daddy's Boy

We love you, Cooper!
Welcome to the family. 

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