Another Black Belt

Tonight was a night of celebration for an event 5.5 years in the making.  It's hard to believe my littlest guy was just a tiny 3 year old when he began this journey. He actually doesn't remember much of the first few years. But each step along the way is a permanent part of who he is today, and who he will always be. It's been an amazing process, and I am so proud of all of the work he has done, and skill he has acquired. 

The moment it all comes down to. When the heart of a black belt is united with the outward sign of all of the hard work and dedication.  This one really got me. 

Receiving his candle.

Meditating on the black belt journey and all of his goals for the future. 

His amazing Chief Instructor, Mrs. Chelsea Force. 

Mr. M. A man whose passion for martial arts, talent for teaching, wit and wisdom will never be forgotten. Thank you so much, Sir. May your retirement from teaching bring you new gifts for your own journey. 

Jacob's older siblings and support crew. They couldn't be more proud. And neither could I. My black belt collection is complete ;) 

Speaking of proud... Mom and Dad are pretty over the moon. 

Jacob's mentor and friend, Mr. Bryan. What an awesome young man. He was Jacob's age, when he first started encouraging him by his skill and example. Watching him grow into a strong and honorable young man increases my hope for Jacob's bright future. Great kids in my kid's life.