Fleeting and Forever....


September 15, 2014... We celebrated our 30th anniversary. Just a quiet, romantic day... with our four youngest kids surrounding us with their melodious, mischievous chorus. We spent the day at two of our favorite places, Beaver Tail Lighthouse, and Galilee, RI. We explored We laughed. We dined at George's Restaurant.  And... we once again traced a heart in the sand where the sea meets the sand.

These works of art along the shore are great reminders of our lives. So beautiful. So precious. So fleeting. Yet.... forever a part of the story of all that has happened in the magical, wondrous place.

Like the sand, we make ourselves vulnerable for others to carve their love into us. Like the sea, we wash away and heal. We remain somewhere in the changing tides and seasons. We may never be seen or remembered, but that love transcends and travels and endless journey amidst the storms and summer suns.