Tuesday, July 24, 2018

In All Things... LOVE

I have really been struck lately by how frequently I run across the theme of "mocking" on facebook and other social media.  It seems that social media has become the modern day village shaming center. Even among people who would normally be posting anti-bullying statuses and all kinds of inspirational memes, it seems acceptable to share "People of Walmart" posts, shaming posts about people who are in the "other" political party, the "other" religion, or who are ill-mannered or uneducated.  And many think it's ok if the post is anonymous. My heart breaks not just for the subject of the post, but for all of us.  We have become numb to it. It's not ok to laugh at someone or to publicly shame someone, even if they deserve it. Why? Because WE deserve better. WE are better than that. Aren't we? Are we living in a gladiator state again? Is the colloseum open for all of us to watch the show where fellow humans are figuratively torn to shreds for their faults and failures?  Gosh... I hope not.

I have a sick sense of humor. I might even giggle interiorly when it's not appropriate. And I certainly laugh at myself quite a bit. Goodness knows I've had a few episodes where I was one chocolate short of an I LOVE LUCY episode. Laughter is good when it is shared by everyone and has a spirit of fun and familiarity, as in... "OH I have been there!" But laughter is cruel when it is mocking. Have I done that in my lifetime? Most likely, I have. And I apologize to the universe for my part in that ripple of unkindness. I hope and pray that I never find the need to share anything that mocks another publicly.  And I hope and pray that we, as a community of artists, women, lovers of life, can come to a place where we never have to shine the light on another's flaws, but can be inspired to help in any way we can , even if all that means is not adding to the ripple of uncharitable words and exposition. None of us becomes more for pointing out someone else is less. "A rising tide lifts all boats" ~JFK 

May we all join the turning tides and help others to rise. 

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