My Creative Haven

In my dreams, my writing desk looks out over the water, or the woods, or a beautiful meadow. Not so much a main road in a bustling city. But thanks to an old friend and my husband, I know have the writing space I've been wanting for a long time, with a window to anywhere I dream, and a magic mirror to be anyone I wish to be...

The very first week of quarantines, days before the state border was closed, my friend, Therese, posted this old vanity she wanted to get rid of. She lives about an hour away, in Connecticut. It just so happened that my husband was showing a house in Connecticut.  He was already on the road when I saw here post. So, I put the two of them in touch with each other, and he drove to her house to pick it up. She refused to take money for the vanity. Can you imagine? This sweet treasure is a true gift of love and so very precious to me.

As soon as Mike brought it home, I knew it was just the right small proportions to incorporate into my already crowded art studio. Somewhere between easels and work tables, it would squeeze in, and be dedicated to my writing and computer work.  It sat in the middle of the room for a couple of months. The state did indeed shut down days later, and we had other survival type priorities in mind.  But as I've been organizing the studio more, and enjoying that spring has sprung, the room itself, and the nature outside my windows inspired me.  I have my art work table facing my side window, where I can watch the rhododendrons bloom and hear the birds singing. And now I have my writing desk facing the front window where I can see my little garden, watch my clover patch grow, and see the comings and goings of things.  I took the mirror out of the frame. I was going to put a cork board in to place inspirations and reminders. But, I didn't really want to block the light from the window, and honestly, it just felt magical exactly the way it was.  It has already been inspiring a wonderful story I'm writing for our son. 

My heart is truly happy tucked away in my little corner of the world.

My side window...