The First Step is To Choose to Change

I have recently been on a quite a journey of rediscovering myself and renewing my mind, body, and spirit. This has been so overwhelmingly rewarding in more ways than scales and tape measures can count. But... bonus.... I have lost over 40 pounds and 33 inches. I feel like a new woman. As part of my journey, many people have helped me. Finding a nutritionist who actually listened and included all of my various health issues was a blessing beyond belief. I had all but given up until a friend didn't let me. A few products have helped too. And while I don't sell anything, I can hook you up with my collagen dealer if you are interested! ;)  At the core of it all, is the truth that it happens from the inside out. And... it's hard. Really hard. I'm not going to lie to you. This took a tremendous amount of sacrifice and commitment. But.... Let me also share.... I lost all of these pounds and inches WITHOUT EXERCISE!!! My arthritis was so severe when I began, I struggled to do the gentlest yoga.  But, then I added more and more yoga. And walking with my husband. When we couldn't walk around our neighborhoods, we followed some great youtube videos. That little bit of exercise definitely assisted with the tightening of my skin as I lost weight. And DRINK WATER!!! LOTS OF WATER! That will help with the flushing of toxins and the suppleness/elasticity  of the skin.  Diet is everything. Period. It does matter WHAT those calories are; not just how many. Are there exceptions? Sure. But especially for those of us over 50, it is important to make those calories count. Nutrition. Fuel. NOT fill. 

Ok. Why am I sharing this today? Because as part of my journey, I joined this great group of women through THM (Trim Healthy Mama.) The sub group is THM over 50. Perfect. We "get" each other in a way that no other health group does.  But.... I did notice a lot of struggle, even a hint of desperation. I get that too. At the 50+ stage you become all too aware that time is running out to get healthy. You can stay healthy for a LONG time. But getting healthy is hard the older you get. I shared something that was integral in my journey. I was asked if it could be shared, which of course, it cannot because it's a private group. So.... I decided to go public. I am still on the journey. But I'm sharing it. Because my sisters in this world need to live bravely without permission or apology. So... below is what I shared. It's where I started. And I think it would help others start becoming their authentic HEALTHY self as well.


"I want to share something here that I think is the #1 most fundamental and essential element in our quest to feel, look, and BE healthy after 50. In a word... Confidence. This whole process requires a choice... A decision... A positive mental attitude to commit to the work of being healthy; mind, body, and soul. Before my weight really started to drop, my husband commented things like, "You look amazing." "You look stronger." "You're carrying yourself differently."

I made a choice to change. When I made that choice, my mind got there before my body caught up. I bought the special lotions, makeup, and pretty outfits. As I began to lose a pound a week, and inches along the way, that mental confidence grew deeper roots. I "owned it" as they say. My friends and relatives all mention I am glowing and have reversed the aging process. Well... Guess what? I giggle wen I look in the mirror in my raw form. There I am. 54. Wrinkles. Silver streaks in my hair. Stretch marks. And when I pout, I look like a shriveled trout. And then I smile. BIG. I make that choice again to keep eating healthy. Keep exercising. Keep drinking water. Keep learning something new every day. I tell myself I've done good sacrificing for so many through the years, but now is my time to shine... To be all I was always meant to be. To explore my joy. To share my joy. THIS is going to be my BEST chapter (yet).

Ladies... Please... "Own it" with me!!! Follow this plan. Explore the things that make your joy shine. It doesn't take perfection. It doesn't take lots of money. It doesn't even require willing companions. It takes ME. My heart. My brain. My soul. My choice. You may not "feel" it as first. Don't be the one to get in your way. Do it anyway. We've got this!!!"


One more thing I want to share here on my site is that I believe there is more than one way to reach health goals and no one program is the only right one for everyone. I, personally, tried vegan for over a year, and then switched to keto for 3 years. I did well on both, then plateaued no matter how faithfully I followed the plan. I tried weight watchers. I gained weight. And yes... I was faithful to the letter! Then.... the pandemic hit. We stocked up on food. I felt guilty eating specialty foods, so I joined in on all of the "depression era" meals we were having fun making while quarantined. And boy oh boy...... did I pack on the pounds. A bit of personal trauma thrust me into wanting to make a drastic change. I went keto again. It worked again. For the first 20 pounds. Again.  I was feeling at my wit's end. At the same time, my friends were sharing posts on facebook about their incredible results using a line of products, specializing in liquid collagen. These were dear and trusted friends. I joined in. I had "some" results, but nothing compared to theirs. I decided that being 20+ years older than them, having immune disease, and being perimenopausal just put me into the "resign yourself to being the stereotypical Italian grandmother with a round middle and a boisterous laugh." Well..... my friend said something that changed my life, "This isn't about selling anything. This is about your health. There is no reason you can't get the results you want. I am going to connect you with one of our team's national nutrition experts. We talked extensively. She took all of the pieces of my puzzle and put them together. She took me OFF of some of the products I was using, and suggested others. She took into account that I did not have a gallbladder. Made a HUGE difference! She tweaked a low carb cycling diet, specifically for me. I began 11/4/2020. But February, 2021 I was down 43 pounds from my summer high, had lost 33 inches, and was wearing a size 6.  The Evolve Burn diet was the key to my weight loss and better health.  Now, the maintenance and "tightening" are up to me! I am continuing to do yoga and walk. I have added a bit of light weights and resistance exercises. And I joined the THM over 50 group. The diet is very similar to the one I used to lose my weight. Similar principles. I still believe anyone struggling should seek specialized help with a nutritionist. It made ALL the difference!!!

And lastly.... This is not about body shaming. It's about health. If any readers are large women who are healthy and happy, HOORAY!!!!! You are beautiful. I hope you also exude confidence and joy. This is not written to suggest anyone HAS to change. This is written for those women like me who WANT to change or.... reinvigorate who they were at one point, but feel it's "too late". It's not. IT'S NOT.