First Digital Portrait

I decided to challenge my comfort zone and signed up for a year long course, exploring a variety of portrait styles, using a wide array of techniques and mediums. Let's Face it 2022, with Kara Bullock Art School. I signed up during week 5, and wouldn't you know it??? This week was DIGITAL PORTRAITS!!! Oh, My. Word. I have always respected digital artists, but that is now elevated to a whole new level. This was HARD! REALLY HARD! This class was taught by Daniel Ibanez. He was wonderful. I learned some great tips and really enjoyed watching his work.  For me, the toughest challenge was the technical side of learning all of the brushes and all of the settings. I never quite got the hang of it or figured out how to blend and smooth her face better. But... for a first attempt, I'm pretty proud of the result. Looking forward to another try soon. I will use a stylus next time though. I used the ArtRage Vitae app and the touch pad on my laptop. OUCH. After many hours of holding down and working the tools, my arthritic hand is screaming for mercy! 

My biggest take away is that anyone who does not consider digital art "real art" has never actually attempted it. This was every bit an exercise of mind, eye, and hand as traditional drawing or painting.  It is simply a different medium. And it requires knowledge of so many tools, settings, and nuances. In some ways, this is much harder for me. I feel like I have less control over the tools. But I imagine that is because it's all so new.  I like challenging my comfort zone, increasing my skills, and making new connections.